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The Graves Golf Academy (GGA) founded in 2000 by brothers Todd and Tim Graves helps golfers play better by teaching the single plane golf swing made famous by their friend, the late Moe Norman, considered the world’s greatest ball-striker.

After eight years of operations, Graves Golf Academy now operates schools at Coffee Creek in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Eagle Creek in Orlando, Florida. GGA also offers special instruction sessions throughout the year in various locations in other parts of the country.
Graves Golf Academy Moe Norman Golf School picture

The GGA Philosophy

GGA believes that the success of great golf instruction is to help students play better golf and further enjoy the game.  With a combined 40 years of competitive professional golf and instruction experience, Tim and Todd Graves have found a formula to help students achieve their potential. From basic Moe Norman single plane instruction to the more involved Seven Principles of Golf Improvement™, GGA provides all levels and depths of golf instruction.

Why choose the Graves Golf Academy?

The Graves Golf Academy (GGA) teaches Moe Norman’s golf swing as it was taught to Todd Graves by Moe Norman over the last 10 years of Moe’s life. The GGA believes Moe Norman’s swing is the ideal model for all golfers to follow. Why?

Because, the Moe Norman/single plane golf swing eliminates much of the rotation, and stress in the conventional golf swing.  As Todd Graves states, "If the swing is biomechanically easier on the body, then it will be easier to repeat and produce consistent results". 

Moe Norman's single plane golf swing starts the golf club on the same plane from address to impact thus simplifying the movement of the shaft and allowing the club to move down the target line longer than the conventional swing, thus creating solid, straight shots.

The ease of the single-axis swing translates into a swing that can be repeated with less effort, unlike the constant practice required by a conventional swing. Single-axis golfers come to expect better ball striking, which leads to improved accuracy and distance.

The GGA Moe Norman Single Plane vs. Conventional Golf

Moe Norman Golf Swing Instruction

Moe Norman Golf Swing Instruction - Ball Striking
The single plane address / impact relationship is significant in regards to simplifying the golf swing.  GGA refers to this spine / shaft plane relationship as the Mid-Spine Intersection™ where the club shaft plane  spine intersect.  This intersection is where the club will both start at address and impact. 
Moe Norman Golf Swing Instruction - Mid Back Plane Intersection

School Programs

Students can choose either a three-day school, a five-day build your game camp and the newest addition – a two-day alumni school where students from previous three-day and five-day schools can come back for a refresher. The three-day school is set up in an outdoor classroom-like setting. About one-third of your time is spent watching Todd and Tim demonstrating and teaching proper single axis swing techniques and the other two-thirds is spent hitting balls under supervision.

At each school, each participant receives a student learning manual, personalized video instruction with Todd (to take with them), optional club fitting, and lunch each day with the GGA staff in which many personal stories of time spent with Moe are shared. Some attendees of the three-day schools have asked for a longer school in which they can come to a specific location, spend up to a week, and have an intense NG/single axis learning experience.  

The five-day program has been tailored to do exactly that. In addition to its instructional sessions, GGA offers a full line of Instructional DVD's to instruct students in the technique of Moe Norman.  They include:

In addition to GGA's selection of instructional DVD's, the Academy also offers custom fit golf clubs and accessories that are perfect for the Moe Norman single axis swing.  These products include:

These items as well as the instructional DVD's are available on the GGA online store.

Prior to launching GGA, Todd Graves was employed by Natural Golf Corporation as an instructor / tour player from 1994-1998, was a member of the Canadian PGA Tour in 1995, and the Asian Golf Tour in 1991.   His close relationship with Moe Norman led to Todd's nickname as "Little Moe."   Todd is a renowned expert on the single axis swing as well as general golf instruction.    He has been featured in Golf Digest, Natural Golfer Magazine, Golf for Women, and has been featured in more than six non-GGA instructional golf films.

Importantly, however, is the phenomenon of Moe Norman and the golf legend's impact in Graves Golf Academy.  Moe Norman was a Canadian legend and a man revered by golf professionals all over the world as one of the greatest ball-strikers in the history of golf, and certainly one of the most eccentric and colorful characters in the annals of sport. Moe’s self-taught golf swing was called weird, unorthodox, different, but it was highly efficient, amazingly accurate and freakishly accurate.

The numbers tell the tale: With 17 holes in one, three scores of 59, four scores of 61, and more than 30 course records during his career, Moe dominated Canadian golf through the mid 20th century. Among his many victories are two Canadian Amateurs, two CPGA Championships and five CPGA Senior Championships along with multiple victories in the Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan Opens.  His legend was solidified by his non-traditional behavior both on and off the course. During tournaments, Moe would hit drivers off of 6” tees, soda bottles, and play par 4 holes ‘backward’, hitting a wedge off the tee and a driver onto the green and still make par or better. After a brief stint on the U.S. PGA Tour, these antics earned Moe a ‘dressing down’ by some members of the tour, and he left to never play in the U.S. competitively again.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, throughout his lifetime, saw Moe's genius with a golf club. During one of his clinics, Moe hit over 1,500 drivers in a little over seven hours, all of which where within 15 yards of one another. It was this accuracy that eventually earned Moe the respect and notoriety that true genius deserves.  Moe passed away September 4, 2004 at the age of 74, with huge crowds coming to Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to pay their respects to the legend.

Perhaps the greatest testament to his growing legend is the major feature film in development about Moe Norman - written by Barry Morrow, Oscar winning screenwriter for the movie Rain Man, entitled Dance The Green.   At the Graves Golf Academy they teach you to Swing like Moe - emphasizing the development of a sound, easy, repeatable, powerful single plane golf swing based on Moe’s famous golf swing.  


Todd Practice Session January 4, 2009
Todd Practice Session January 4, 2009
Moe on Range with Todd Graves
Moe on Range with Todd
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